Deceive cancer.

Retrieve the answer.


the answer.

3D REVEAL™ is an encompassing solution
to a widespread problem

Our 3D REVEAL™ engine aims to transform cancer care by identifying traces of tumor communication found in patient blood in the form of cancer-specific proteins transported by EVs.

The engine can be applied to multiple cancers with its singular approach, potentially causing a paradigm shift in when cancer is detected, and how it’s treated.

50 Billion Reasons to Target EVs

3D REVEAL™ exposes cancer-specific Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) that circulate in the blood earlier and in significantly greater quantities than other liquid biopsy targets. 

To give perspective, 1mL of blood plasma contains approximately 50 billion EVs, which allows us to confidently intercept cancer’s earliest attempts to spread in the body.

How It Works.

How It Works.

Cancer cells are encapsulated in our bioengineered 3D culture
environment where they are tricked into producing mass quantities of
EVs enriched with cancer-specific antigens. 

We study the molecular makeup of the EVs and generate raw data that corresponds to the relative amount of all proteins present in our

Our machine learning A.I. based algorithm keys into the protein signatures of the raw data that are unique to a specific cancer type.

Beken Bio engineers in vitro diagnostic tests based on cancer-specific keys and partners with clinicians to validate these laboratory
developed tests.

Our diagnostic tests will empower the earliest form of cancer detection using 3D REVEAL™.